Did you serve?

Since this blog is all about those that served and sacrificed so much for this country, we’d love to know where our followers our. What branch did you serve in?

Let us know in the comments below. We’ve got something special for those of you that did, a little special thank you.

Supporting our armed forces

This blog/website, whatever you want to call it is all about our armed forces with a few guest posts here and there. Our armed forces need our support, and whether it’s through this blog or actual service, none of it goes unnoticed.

I fully support our armed forces and anyone there within. What they’ve given for our country and the people in it is truly remarkable. To put yourselves on the line for others is the ultimate sacrifice and this blog will be about giving them the support and thank they deserve.

If you’re reading this and have served or are serving, THANK YOU.

Support our troops